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These are my latest book reviews.  Please click on the book title to read my review in full and don’t forget to pop back from time to time as I update the list.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - a story that focuses on the fictional character of Christopher Boone, a teenager with a form of autism, who discovers that the neighbours dog has been killed with a garden fork.  Determined to find out what happened, Christopher embarks on a terrifying journey.  A widely acclaimed book that won the Whitbread Book of the Year award.

Carly’s Voice - an amazing real-life story of how a severely autistic girl found her ‘inner voice’ and learnt to communicate with those around her through the use of technology.  Now an advocate for autism awareness, Carly challenges the view that non-verbal people with autism do not have feelings and thoughts or are unintelligent.

A friend like Henry - an inspirational read of how a golden retriever helped an autistic boy to engage with the world around him.  Deeply moving, this book traces how the Gardner family battled to help their son have a quality of life.

Finding out about asperger syndrome, high functioning autism and pdd – a short book that describes these conditions in a way that makes it suitable for young people who have received a recent diagnosis.

Children and teenagers with aspergers - a highly recommended book that comprises different accounts of living with, and parenting, children and teenagers with aspergers.  Written with breathtaking honesty, this book is a must for those wishing to understand aspergers syndrome from the perspective of parents and carers.

All cats have asperger syndrome - a delightful book that, with the aid of cat photography, introduces the main characteristics of aspergers syndrome in a humorous and informative way.  Fabulous for helping the newly diagnosed child and their family to start to learn about the condition.

Updated August 2012

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