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My verbal (sometimes non-verbal) autistic son – finding other ways of communicating with him

I’ve just read a brilliant post at Emma’s Hope Book in which Paula Durbin Westby talks about what it is like to be a nonspeaking (at times) autistic person.  It is an enlightening interview which describes what it is like … Continue reading

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How a hamster is helping my aspergers daughter

We have a new addition to the family.  A syrian hamster that we bought for our daughter for her birthday recently.  Small, cute and fascinating to observe, this little animal has enchanted us all particularly our daughter who has become … Continue reading

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Special Saturday – communication

Many people assume communication means speech but there is a lot more to communication than verbal expression. There are also physical gestures, facial expressions and behaviour which have become important ways for me to understand what my autistic children are communicating.   Whilst both … Continue reading

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Oh no, the cat died ……….

… on New Years Day!  She was called Eb and had a beautiful black coat and yellow eyes.  We have had her since 1993 when we got her as a 6-week old kitten from a rescue home along with her … Continue reading

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