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Another diagnosis to deal with

Today has been an emotional day for me and my husband.  Today we have been told that our beautiful 9 year old daughter has aspergers syndrome.  I am not surprised that she is.  You see, ever since she was a baby there have … Continue reading

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Part 7 – The psychologist’s report and school

A few months after my son’s diagnosis in 2008, we received a comprehensive report from the child psychologist.  I found this an emotional read, because there it was in black and white, all the difficulties that my son faced.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Part 6 – Telling my son he is autistic

After learning about our son’s autistic disorder in the spring of 2008, we did not immediately tell our son.  For one thing, we were not ready; we needed time to get over the shock of the diagnosis and to learn about his … Continue reading

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Part 5 – Adjusting to a diagnosis

After being told that my son was autistic, I felt an immediate sense of relief knowing that my son had an identifiable disorder and that I was no longer to blame for his behaviour. However, for a number of months … Continue reading

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Part 4 – Getting a diagnosis

In early 2008, my son was assessed by a multidisciplinary team which consisted of a consultant paediatrician, child psychologist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist.  The assessment took place over a number of sessions and looked at communication, physical and … Continue reading

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