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ASD and personal hygiene

A common difficulty with children on the autism spectrum is their dislike of personal hygiene. As I’ve experienced with my own children, they have difficulty with things such as showering, brushing their hair, having their hair cut, cleaning their teeth and … Continue reading

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Photo Project 52 – week 10 – fashion for an autistic boy

  Clothes have always been a problem for my son.  He is hypersensitive to touch and can’t tolerate certain materials and textures against his skin.  Nylon and polyester are the worst offenders as they cause him to feel so itchy … Continue reading

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Update on my son: anxiety, sensory overload and autism

Further to my post An emotional start to the school year, I m still not able to get my son to school.  His anxiety and fear levels are still high which has made him very sensitive to the world around him.  All … Continue reading

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Autism at teatime

When I was growing up family mealtimes used to be a polite business of sitting down together and eating whatever my mum had  prepared.  No questions, no demands, no tantrums.  We were expected to eat whatever was cooked even if it … Continue reading

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