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Longer school hours – did anyone think about the #SEN child?

You’ve probably heard about the government proposal to extend school hours to 45 hours of education per week.  Apparently it is designed to allow ALL parents to work full time without resorting to additional childcare.  You can read more about it here. My view is … Continue reading

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Home Education so far

As you know I’ve been trialling home education for my daughter.  Initially I was very hesitant about doing this on top of looking after my son and running a home.  However, with all the difficulties we’ve been having with my … Continue reading

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A surprisingly good Christmas

  I don’t often talk about my son on this blog, particularly in negative terms, as I am respectful of his need to navigate his teen years away from social media.  However, this Christmas has been so successful that I think it’s … Continue reading

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Love, Life and Loss – a message for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us and I guess I should write a blog bursting with joy.  Sadly I can’t.  The loss of two family members this year is feeling very poignant at the moment. The passing of my nan a few weeks ago has left … Continue reading

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Sadness prevails but I have a lot to be thankful for

Not all is good in the Aspie in the Family household at the moment.  The passing of my nan last week has led to another swathe of unhappiness descending upon us.  I console myself with the thought that she had … Continue reading

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One Sunday lunchtime …

… as I was preparing the Sunday dinner (roast chicken and all the trimmings) my son asked if he could have “crochet potatoes”. “Crochet potatoes?  I can’t crochet potatoes.”  I replied.  “I’m still learning to crochet.” “Crochet potatoes.” he insisted. “What … Continue reading

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Are autism-friendly venues really autism friendly?

Christmas 2011 was the last time I went to the theatre.  I had taken my daughter to see Jack and the Beanstalk at our local theatre, a small and friendly place that I thought my daughter would cope with.  Such was my hope that she would … Continue reading

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Moving on

We’ve had the funeral and we’re trying to move on but it’s hard.  We all have our own memories and we’re all missing my mother-in-law in different ways.  It doesn’t help that we still don’t know why she died; the … Continue reading

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Sad News

Today we were told the news that my mother in law had passed away.  It happened this morning, unexpected and somewhat premature.  It has left us reeling with shock and  bewilderment as to why she has passed away so suddenly.  No doubt in … Continue reading

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A happy mum moment

Even though life can be very difficult at times there are many moments when my children make me smile.  I don’t often record them here as I feel they are very private but I thought I’d share this one as … Continue reading

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