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My nablopomo experience

  30 days ago I agreed to do NaBloPoMo (a writing challenge in which bloggers write a blog post a day in November). It was very much an impulsive decision of mine to do this but nevertheless I thought it … Continue reading

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Difficult Days

When my son got a place at a school that specialised in teaching autistic children, I really thought we had made it.  It may seem like a ridiculous thing to say but it felt like an absolutely massive achievement to get … Continue reading

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Listography – cartoon characters from my childhood

I can’t resist Kate’s listography on naming our five favourite cartoon characters from our youth.  I used to love watching children’s telly as a child and couldn’t wait for the end of the school day when I would kick of my … Continue reading

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You might be an autism parent if ……

Something big is happening on twitter at the moment.  It is the hashtag #youmightbeanautismparentif…… If you are unfamiliar with twitter, a hashtag before a word or words denotes tweets that have been made under a particular topic. In this case … Continue reading

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Special Saturday – communication

Many people assume communication means speech but there is a lot more to communication than verbal expression. There are also physical gestures, facial expressions and behaviour which have become important ways for me to understand what my autistic children are communicating.   Whilst both … Continue reading

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Update regarding Merlin’s Magic Wand

As a result of concerns about the proposals by Merlin’s Magic Wand to change their application process for families with autistic children, the charity have now published a statement on their facebook page.  You can read it in full here … Continue reading

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Merlin waves its magic wand for disabled children, unless they’re autistic

Merlin’s Magic Wand is a charity created by the Merlin Entertainments Group that aims to provide ‘magical experiences’ for children who are seriously ill, disabled or disadvantaged.  Yesterday the charity sent out a letter that stated that of the 5,000 applications handled … Continue reading

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I’m NOT a celebrity, get me out of here

I have been tagged by Gemma at Hello its Gemma to answer 10 questions on the theme of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ a television show that is currently hitting our television screens over in the UK. … Continue reading

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A silent heroine

There is a man that I used to see a lot of around my town.  He is in his early fifties and walks with his head slightly bowed and his upper body pitched forward, almost as if he is going … Continue reading

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Inappropriate punishment?

A common problem that I have experienced in my children’s primary school is their inability to use appropriate discipline for autistic children.  The tendency to deliver group punishment or not to be seen disciplining a particular child is problematic for … Continue reading

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