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My thoughts on the Cinderella Law

According to the reports in the media the government will be considering whether to introduce a new offence of emotional cruelty to children.  The change aims to update existing laws in England and Wales which currently only allow an adult responsible for … Continue reading

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Longer school hours – did anyone think about the #SEN child?

You’ve probably heard about the government proposal to extend school hours to 45 hours of education per week.  Apparently it is designed to allow ALL parents to work full time without resorting to additional childcare.  You can read more about it here. My view is … Continue reading

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Sadness prevails but I have a lot to be thankful for

Not all is good in the Aspie in the Family household at the moment.  The passing of my nan last week has led to another swathe of unhappiness descending upon us.  I console myself with the thought that she had … Continue reading

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Stay at home motherhood is NOT a lifestyle choice for some

I know the childcare scheme has been discussed a lot recently but I am so fed up with the misrepresentation of stay at home parents that I thought I’d document my views here.  As you probably know it is proposed that families with working … Continue reading

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Are autism-friendly venues really autism friendly?

Christmas 2011 was the last time I went to the theatre.  I had taken my daughter to see Jack and the Beanstalk at our local theatre, a small and friendly place that I thought my daughter would cope with.  Such was my hope that she would … Continue reading

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Respect costs nothing

The arguments have started.  In the aftermath of the Mid Staffs inquiry the media is full of analysis of what went wrong and who is to blame.  It is to be expected of course; the shocking revelations of what happened … Continue reading

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Academy Power, SEN and Parental Choice (or the lack of)

A row has cropped up in my area about an academy’s proposal to change its admissions policy.  Instead of giving priority to children living near to the school, it wants to prioritise children from two Church of England schools.  It has … Continue reading

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The US Shootings – please don’t blame aspergers

Today started off as any other ordinary Saturday.  I took my son to town, we had a drink in our favourite coffee shop and did a bit of shopping.  We follow a strict routine every week which my son loves.  It helps him … Continue reading

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Please support Anti-Bullying Week 2012

I have received this email from Beat Bullying, the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity and, as it’s anti-bullying week, I’d like to share it with you.   Dear Supporter, You can change a child’s life with a donation of £2.79 today. … Continue reading

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Police and Crime Commissioners – why I didn’t vote

I am ashamed to say  that I didn’t vote last night.  This is the first time I can ever recall not voting and it doesn’t please me particularly when I think how hard people have worked to provide me with this … Continue reading

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