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Longer school hours – did anyone think about the #SEN child?

You’ve probably heard about the government proposal to extend school hours to 45 hours of education per week.  Apparently it is designed to allow ALL parents to work full time without resorting to additional childcare.  You can read more about it here. My view is … Continue reading

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Stay at home motherhood is NOT a lifestyle choice for some

I know the childcare scheme has been discussed a lot recently but I am so fed up with the misrepresentation of stay at home parents that I thought I’d document my views here.  As you probably know it is proposed that families with working … Continue reading

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The stay at home mother

I used to be a working mother but after spending a number of years balancing work with looking after my children, I finally gave up work after the birth of my third baby.  The cost of childcare for three children hardly … Continue reading

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Celebrating volunteering

June the 1st marks the start of Volunteers’ Week in the UK, an annual event that celebrates the contributions made by voluntary workers across the UK.  A staggering 20 million  people volunteer in the UK every year, doing work as … Continue reading

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Part 13 – the stress of parenting a school refuser

School refuser is sometimes used to describe pupils who are unable to attend school for a prolonged period of time which can be due to various reasons.  It is a term that was casually used to describe my son when he was … Continue reading

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Starting school – mixed feelings for mum

I had mixed feelings about my son starting school.  On the one hand, I missed being with him during the day and felt that he was too young (at 4) to start school full time, yet on the other hand I … Continue reading

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2001 – starting playgroup and a break for mum

At 2½, my son started playgroup.  The transition was remarkably easy.  Unlike many of the other children there, my son did not cling to me or cry his eyes out as I left.  I felt quite pleased that he had … Continue reading

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