The formal bit.

The blog is a personal blog written and edited by me as an expression of my personal opinion and experience of raising children with an autistic spectrum disorder.  Whilst I have tried my best to provide an honest and complete account of my experiences, I cannot guarantee total accuracy.

Please note that my experience may not reflect the experiences of all families who care for someone with an autistic spectrum disorder.  Not only are families diverse, but autistic individuals (including those with aspergers syndrome) are unique and present differing behaviours.

Whilst this blog wants to raise awareness of living with an autistic child, it does not offer professional advice.  To anyone who is concerned about their development of their child or young person, please seek professional advice before progressing with this blog.

I may occasionally refer to articles written by other people for the benefit of discussion and/or information.  I therefore cannot guarantee accuracy of these external sources and for those that seek the worthiness of such work they should contact the individual authors of that work.

Where I refer to books, products or services, I will only recommend those that I have personally found helpful.  As this is based on personal opinion, any concerns about any representations made by these sources should be checked with the third party.

Any outward-bound links are for information purposes only.  The author of this blog is not responsible for their content and any concerns or complains about such content should be taken up with the authors of those links.

As author of this blog I do not intend to defame, humiliate, hurt and/or upset anyone as a result of reading and/or acting upon the information within this blog.  Should any reader identify such content please contact me so that I may rectify the problem.  However I cannot promise to amend or remove such content unless it can be shown to have caused considerable distress to another person.

Any comments on this blog belong to their individual authors.  As author of this blog, I am not responsible for what other people think and write.  Whilst I welcome free speech, I reserve the right to remove or amend any comments that are offensive, rude or discriminatory.

Please note that unless otherwise stated all work on this blog belongs to me.   If you wish to refer to my work, please seek permission.

Thankyou for reading this.

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